Thursday, January 11, 2007

Printer Brand in 2007

As you well know, printer is actively used by anyone everyday.
Here is some printer information used widely in Indonesia. This writing not an indication for Jakarta IT product in 2007 or ahead.

Based on Brand and some review:

Well known brand. actively advertise in media to be able to compete with other printer manufacturer. Product ranged widely from the cheapest up to plotter/design printer. Actively promote original cartridge to be used, caused this is their main revenue stream. IT user in indonesia still perceived that their product is expensive and having good quality.

Widely known as cheap printer but now positioned themselves as quality product. This is marked by their aggresive marketing in photo printer. Gained named through the most easiest to refill printer. Widely used at home due to always budget printer.

Still used mainly as dot matrix printer, unchallenged for years. Compete in cheap product with canon and now HP. Perceived also as easy to refill printer.

Some advertise campaigned but not focus. seldom people choose this product well. Out of topic one.

Samsung, IBM, etc, is used by some people. some have targeted market and some still have unfocus line of product.

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