Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Event ID 1 Source Microsoft Firewall

Event ID 1
Source Microsoft Firewall Client 2004

Application [svchost.exe]. Authentication failed. The user credentials
were not accepted by ISA Server. Verify that the user account running
this application has the required permissions.

In our environment (ISA 2004), this issue was corrected with assistance
from Microsoft. Open the ISA console, expand "Configuration" and click
"General". Click "Define firewall client settings", click the
"Application settings" tab, scroll down to "svchost" and make sure both
"DisableEx" and "Disable" are set to "1". We were having this problem
when "DisableEx" was set to 0. Changing it to 1 corrected the issue.

As per Microsoft: "This problem occurs because the ISA Server RPC filter
is not compatible with the changes in the RPC protocol that are
introduced by Windows Server 2003 SP1". See M887222 for additional

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