Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Can't connect to ePO 3.6 console

Unable to Login to McAfee EPO Console 3.6.0
McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

Why you can't log on to ePolicy Orchestrator?

Cause :
On Windows 2003 Service packs 1.
Remove two policy.
- KB960803
- KB959426

If you have Service packs 2, both of the update is installed in it,
thus disabling your Mcafee epolicy orchestra too.. Then you are unable
to log in.!457BA7C60060614F!1645.entry

KB960803 and KB959426... I will remember these two Windows Patches as
they created another round of issue to the McAFee EPO 3.6.0.

Remember previously that we installed Windows 2003 Service Pack 2 and no
one can login to the EPO 3.6.0 Console?

After we remove the service pack 2 under the Add and Remove Program,
problem resolved!

However, someone went ahead to install some windows patches which the
auto update recommended few days ago and... no one can login to the EPO
console again!!

After some troubleshooting and fine observation done, we found out that
we are not able to login after those windows updates were installed~
After we readup more on what are those patches about, it is quite clear
that we have to remove that 2 patches as they are to secure the Windows
2003 Server OS which will affect McAfee EPO 3.6!

So, under Add and Remove Program, we removed the 2 patches in order to
resolve the issue first before we plan to upgrade McAfee EPO Console to

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