Saturday, May 02, 2009

Iphone Bluetooth


As checked,
The bluetooth function on iPhone, is only intended for using with
The data file transfer capability, is locked by Apple. Nothing can be
done to unlocked it.
The data file transfer is responsible for transfer data from iphone to
other handphone, computer, ets. And vice versa. This is as default is
blocked. So, you won't be able to transfer foto, images, files, video,
mp3, from your phone to your iphone.

The bluetooth function itself is limited to handsfree.
The Apple handsfree is only available a few type.
Please see this :
This one is surely made for iphone 3G.

But if you want to buy it in Indonesia, there is no stock for any apple
You must look for yourself, any other brand of handsfree.
The price ranged from Rp 500.000,- up to Rp 1.5 mill.

Please pay attention when buying, non Apple product.
You must made your store man, to connect the handsfree to your
Since there is a lot of possibilities that the Handsfree is not
compatible with iPhone.
Ask them to connect, and try to hear for yourself, before out of the



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