Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Windows iPhone Tracker

Windows iPhone Tracker

Download iPhone Tracker for Windows 32bits Download iPhone Tracker for Windows 64bits
Download Iphone Tracker for Windows 32-bit Download Iphone Tracker for Windows 64-bit



I present you my new app finalized; iPhone Tracker for Windows!

As you all know, our beloved iPhone record in a file (named consolidated.db) geographic positions over time. This file is found in the backup iTunes made between your iPhone and your PC.

This problem was discovered long ago, but two scientists have published an application that displays the data in question.

Unfortunately, this application was only available for Mac owners. So I had a few vacation days to bring this application under Windows.

It's finally done!

Immediately, the download links;

For 32-bit is here , for the 64, it is through there .

To install, simply unzip the. Zip obtained and launch Beesoft.IphoneTracker.exe

The operation is very simple;

  1. Click on "find consolidated.db"
  2. Once the status changed to "The file has been" found and saved! "We can choose the dates search
  3. One can also choose to display all data by clicking on See all data (if there is a significant number of points, from there it can become slow ...)
  4. The map displayed below!

That's what it looks like images:

Thank you all for your downloads! Version has been updated and allows you to search by date!

See you soon!

For all inquiries / suggestions, send me an email on

Edit: Comments are closed and the source code is no longer available until the next update!

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