Friday, February 23, 2007

Bursa Bhineka

Bursa Bhineka or Bursa Bhinneka could be found in here.

Bursa Bhineka / Bhinneka (I'm really not sure which one is correct)is feature by This is mainly site for second hand IT stuff, devices, equipment, and event services. Boasted to have more than 250.000 items registered / displayed here, it is surely one of many favourite place to look for IT gadget.

Target market
This site is designed not only for corporate, but many people use it for various interest. With no charges for registration or having user paid for their services, Bursa Bhineka is definitely one of the hottest place to buy or sale your equipment.

Various stuff is sold and posted here. Divide into some category : Computer, Peripherals, Handphone, Video & Camera, CAD & CAMMS, Accesories, & Jasa/Services. Almost like in the, their main category is then divide into many small section.

Computer : Apple, Desktop PC, Notebook, PDA, Server

Peripherals : Casing, Drive & Storage, Flash Disk, Games, Graphic Adapter, Keybord / Mouse, Memory Module, Monitor, Motherboard, Mp3, Printer, Processor, Projector, Scanner, Sound Card, Speaker, TV Tuner.

Handphone : CDMA, GSM, Hp Accessories, Hp spare-part, Video & Camera, Digital Camera, Camcorder, Removable Memory, Camera, Accesories.

Networking : Adapter, PCMCIA, Router, Switches, Wireless.

CAD & CAMMs : Plotter, Vinyl Cutter, Wide Format Printer, Accessories, Bag & Cases, Cables.

Jasa / Services : Video Editing & Service PC.

Even corporate product such as router and networking equipment, plus high end servers with its accessories also listed here.

Just come here and enjoy shopping with discounted price or ' dengan harga kaki lima'.

This review is not related with Bhineka or its Bursa. This is solely reflect personal view. To look for other online store, please use

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