Thursday, February 15, 2007

Traffic Counter

Thanks to Statcounter : For providing free services to count visitor number loading my page.

Please keep in mind, that you have one choice, it is to look for unique visitor or just total of pageload (if anyone refresh your page, it will add another one). The major principle in here : one project - one website.

So, choose carefully and try their feature for free.

Note : their feature will not overburden your server nor give programming headaches. Just copy the script to your web and .. walla... it comes up.

What is the benefit for your corporate/organization ?
Your organization will know, how many people visit their homepage. This can be useful to determine marketing concept, promotional day/theme, give announcement, and many more. Also, in the end, it could determine, whether one marketing strategy has been successful or not, popularity of your company, or even determine if the cost spend on your promo budget attract consumen.

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