Monday, February 19, 2007

Corporate Internet Subscription Rates Comparison.

Indonesia Corporate ISP.
Bandwidth vs Price Battle. Early 2007

Thanks to all participant, especially everyone in Windows Server Conference that contribute their corporate information in this small, unscientific survey about Indonesia Corporate ISP. Their company and everyone participate in this survey is strictly confidential. Only ISP name will comes up in the list.

The Best ISP rates provided by : XL. Score : 546,44
PT Excelcomindo Pratama, Tbk. See :
Based on price, XL is the cheapest compared to other ISP in Indonesia. Their corporate rate is surely attractive. Same like other ISP, if you buy more bandwidth, price will drop sharply. This might be the cause, why their price is very attractive. Their feature are Fiber Optic cable, simetric upload/download, and still keep their performance at CIR 1:1 for International Link.

Second Champion :
The true second winner with score 829.37 is Jupiter. Establish by PT. Datakom Wijaya Pratama (JupiterIX). You could found this Indonesia ISP with NAP license at With sample of user using small bandwidth, Jupiter could offer highly competitive price compared to bandwith. This ISP is recomended if your corporate strategy need high performance with tight budget to connect your company's data network to Internet.

Actually, Tabina (Aceh), get second rank with score 562,5. But ISP with website in, having asimetric bandwidth. You could check the different news in here :

Then we also want to recommend Speedlink ISP from Aceh as our second winner. But ISP with no homepage. Can't i trust the info??? Even with score 625 & 687, Speedlink must be crossed from our list.

Lintas Artha with score 781,25 also not our winner, cause we lack info of symetric configuration and its transmission cost.

The third winner is a widely known ISP. As one of Top Five ISP in the country, CBN ( - Kabelvision ( cooperation, will bring your company's data to the world with their known standard of services. Got 833 score in third place, their colaboration must benefit your long term goals in developing IT strategy.

How do I score ?
This is how I score sample from about 20 ISP.
1. Ask Download/Upload speed.
2. Ask CIR (1:X).
3. Ask price : transmission cost. This transmission, could be in form of radio wave (wireless), cable, FO, VSAT, etc. In thousand Rupiahs.
4. Ask price : Internet subscription rate. This is our main component. In thousand Rupiahs.
5. Calculate Download factor (16) : DF(16) = Download Speed (kbps) / 16 (kbps)
6. Calculate Total Cost = Transmission charge + Internet Subscription Rate
7. Calculate Cost per DF(16) = Total Cost : DF(16)
8. Calculate on CIR 1 on 1 basis = Cost per DF(16) x X(CIR)
(note : no. 8 is optional)
9. We got the score. Actualy its the price per 16 kbps.

Then, this is how we filtered our ISP.
1. Check Symetric data rate (Upload and download must be the same). If not the same, then it might be not targeted corporate account (only SOHO), or its for home user (ADSL technology). In simple word, I needto make apple-to-apple comparison.
2. Check CIR rate. Corporate is assume using CIR 1:1. Other CIR rate might be applicable for corporate, but in CIR 1:1, the whole data is used solely for corporate. No hidden cost manipulation here. Priciple : One link - One bandwidth - One user - One Price.
3. Check transmission cost charges (if any). Some ISP, bundle their packet internet services with transmission charges. This hidden cost must be researched thouroughly. Sometimes, transmission cost could be higher than monthly internet subscription cost.
4. Website. Every ISP must have website. If ISP do not have website, we assume that this ISP is not exist, or only a reseller and maybe worse, doesn't have legal right to sell to internet connection to end user. I use google to search for their ISP name. If their name is not on Google, then how you could believe that their services is supported by skillful professionals.

Weaknesses (in writer point of view) :
This is not a research, it only an overview to check your corporate rate. Whether you use at highly competitive rate or not. Below are some doubts on this short survey. First winner is sampled at mega-bps. This might biased, but still it it the cheapest offered found. Second winner, never heard. Whether they act just only as NAP or ISP, is unknown. But someone is already using their services. The they must be exist. Third winner, customer said that their ISP is symetric. But cable TV usually using ADSL technology, means an asymetric link.

Thanks to :
All participant, all friends, and all chat / YM friends contributed their confidential information. If you think your corporate rate is very attractive and much lower than our winner, feel free to write to me at This information is only a guidance to choose not the best ISP, but the best Internet services rates throughout Indonesia archipelago. Please use this information wisely to predict and make your IT development strategy for the future.

If your corporate rates is below score 1.000. In pain text, if your corporate rate per 16 kbps is more than Rp. 1.000.000,-, replace as soon as possible. There is no benefit for using high paying and expensive ISP. Also, in the future, ISP rates keep coming down. There will be more cheaper and with more high standard ISP in the future.


Anonymous said...

Wah mas bule...kayaknya perbandingannya kurang bnyk tuh, coba bandingin dg yg gede juga donk :o) Kalo cuma beli murah sih gampang, beli aja di warnet sebelah, masalahnya kan kita beli kwalitas dan service, coba u cari tau service yg "the best" menurut situ kayak apa. hehehe 2 taon pake bnyk downtime, cs dan helpdesknya "lame", paling sering di pingpong. hihihi jadi geli ngomongin bagus tapi jelek.....

IT Management said...

Thanks buat reviewnya. tenang, ini baru 20 ISP. Mo tau yg di survey : CBN, IM2/Indosat, Lintasarta, Jupiter, Qiandra, Jetcoms, speedlink, tabina, jetcoms. Kl elo ada pengalaman, feel free deh, kasih info yg elo tau, biar gue bikin revisinya bulan depan. ok bro..

Paulus Agung said...

Masih ga ngerti tuk ngitung harganya. Coba itungin XL 512kbps pls.

IT Management said...

DF16 = 512/16 = 32
Score XL = 546.44

XL 512 = 546.44 x 32 = 17486.08.

jadi harga Internet subscription dari XL ISP adalah sebesar Rp 17.486.080,-.

Tetapi karena sample disini untuk XL mencapai ribuan kbps, jadi tentu kl beli cm 512 kbps, pasti jatuhnya lebih mahal. Mungkin sekitar Rp 18 juta - Rp 25 juta per bulan. Dengan fasilitas yang saya sebutkan diatas.

Bagusnya, dengan info ini, kita jadi tau, kantor kita nyewa line nya termasuk murah atau mahal. Kalau terlalu mahal, pastikan minta harga nego di periode berikutnya, atau gunakan ISP yang direkomendasikan disini. Mengenai kualitas, nanti dibahas selanjutnya.

Anonymous said...

BTW Jupiter bukan ISP lagi <-- itu kan NAP

Anonymous said...

Saya mau tanya tentang investasi saya. Sekarang ini saya membayar Rp.6,000,000/bulan untuk access 128kbps 1:4. Cuman katanya technologynya adalah frame relay dengan CIR 1:2. Saya mau tau apakah harga buat access ini overpriced atau harganya sudah ok dengan kondisi Indonesia sekarang ini? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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