Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Free OCR with Microsoft Office Document Imaging. 2

Bener2 free...
Udah ada di bundle Ms Office 2003.
Aku kurang tahu kl versi XP atau 2000.
Tp silahkan di cek.

File nya disini :
- Start --> Program --> Microsoft Office --> Microsoft Office Tools -->
Microsoft Office Document Imaging

Selamat mencoba OCR dgn Microsoft Office Document Imaging.
Thanks Jon Galloway.

Microsoft Office Document Imaging

On accident, I stumbled across Microsoft Office Document Imaging. It's
included Microsoft Office Tools ("Microsoft Office \ Microsoft Office
Tools" folder in the start menu, default installation location is
"C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MODI\11.0\"). The
interface looks a "My First VB5 Application" reject, but it works great.

It handles scanned documents via TWAIN. The image import's a bit lame -
it only handles TIF files. You can convert to TIF in just about any
graphics application (e.g. MSPAINT - open the file, Save As TIF file).
An easier method is to just copy the image to the clipboard and paste as
a new page into MODI.

Here's a quick walkthrough of how I grabbed some text from a PDF2.
Step 1. I selected the text I wanted to OCR with Cropper (output set to

Step 2. I opened Microsoft Office Document Imaging and loaded my image
with Page / Paste Page

Step 3. I ran the OCR process by clicking on the "funky eye" toolbar
button (or in the Tools menu)

Step 4. Click the Export to Word toolbar button Step 5. Copy the text
and paste it where you want it

In this case, it was an e-mail. I've done the same thing to grab S

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