Friday, June 27, 2008

Full List of Sources

Below is the full list of Source URLs for installing
native apps on your iPhone or iPod touch. Add any of the below URLs as a
source in and discover new native apps that you can
install. See below for a video on how to use these. Would you like to
see your repository added here? Send us the URL.

* Popular Sources
* AppTapp Official:

* Conceited Software:

* Conceited Software Beta:

* Ste Packaging:

* BigBoss:

* Additional Sources
* TouchRepo:

* iSpazio:

* RiP Dev:

* HighTymes:

* twenty08 (MobileChat):

* iSwitcher:

* Loring Studios:

* AlohaSoft 1.0.2:

* AlohaSoft 1.1.1:

* AlohaSoft 1.1.2:

* Apogee LTD:

* Asuraku's Repo:

* aXP:

* Blaze Ultimate:

* CedSoft:

* Chinese LumaQQ:

* CopyCoders:

* Death to Design:

* Demosthenes705's eBooks:

* iApp-a-Day:

* iBlackJack:

* Imagine09:

* Indonesian Repo:

* Internet Plug-In:

* iPhone Apps: or
* iPhone DevDocs:

* iSolitaire:

* iUnlock:

* Java Runtime Environment:

* Limited Edition iPhone:

* Mateo:

* Mod My iFone:

* MobileStacks:

* Moyashi's Stuff:

* MTL Repository:

* Nuclear Design:

* Patricks Source:

* Pyrofer's Projects:

* PXL Repository:

* R4m0n Repository:

* Robota International:

* Scientific Calcs:

* ScummVM:

* Shai's Repo:

* Simek's Graphic:

* Studded:

* Surge:

* Swell:

* weTools:

* PBF:

* iFob:

* newattiphone:

* digicide:

* Maomaland Themes:

* Apple Daily Times:

* Languages
* Arabic:

* Simplified Chinese:

* Chinese:

* Danish:

* FrenchIphone:

* Greek:

* Hebrew:

* Hebrew:

* iPhone for Taiwan:

* Korean: /
* Norwegian http://iFon:
* Polish iPolish:

* Portugues-Brasil(1.1.2):

* Russian iPhone:

* Russian Tools (in English):

* Spanish Phyros iPhone-ES:

* Swedish

* Taiwanese:

* Vietnamese:


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