Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Benchmark : Time Needed for Packet Data to Travel from Indonesia to Foreign Site

I bet you will wonder, what is the time needed for a packet data to travel from Indonesia to Foreign Site. Time here, usually known as time out, delay, or travel time. It is a difference between time sent and time received on the destination.

Here, friends have gave me much sample (about 9 legit sample), from various ISP and networks around Indonesia. Test destination target are located at IP address : Test are done from friends local network or their computer for sure.

Table : Test Result : Time travel from indonesia host to foreign (yahoo) site.

As you can see above, ping has three result (as done from Windows based host) : Average time, Maximum time, and Minimum travel time needed.

To analyse above sample, I must remove two strange sample to make analysis easier. Sample 8 & Sample 9. Sample 1-7 will be use. From this sample, we can find conclusion, on how good our internet connection are.

Maximum time : below 352 ms.
What does this ms means. It means that your packet data needed 352 ms to reach destination. This number is a recommended number. If your network is above this number a bit, it might be caused by network congestion, peak time, numerous packet transfer. If the number is above this, might be an indication of bottleneck, virus attack, and even a security breach. When it is far above 352 permanently, your connection might use VSAT, Dial Up, or maybe your site is in remote location. In this case, you might need to replace your ISP and method of connection.

Minimum time : above 241 ms.
If your connection is stable at this rate (between average & minimum), congratulation, you already have a very satisfying connection. If you get better than these number (below 241 ms to reach yahoo from Indonesia), you are blessed. You have nothing to worried about internet connection.

Average time : about 298 ms.
This is number of average time. Whether you above and lower than this, it is a sign that your network connection can perform well in daily task.

So, where is your network performance right now. It might not be a good benchmark system, but i believe, it will help you to determine whether your internet connection are performing at desired level or not. If your network far below the test result, please feel free to benchmark your network with your colleagues or analyze your connection. If you can't find it, you might better check your network configuration and monitor data demand in your corporate.

Upgrade bandwidth is not always a solution, because time needed determine how fast your application get the result on the screen. Many factor determine the result, but anomaly, need, off course, further investigation.

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IT Management said...

As per my experience :

Sample 8 :
Using VSAT at one of their node.

Sample 9 :
Congested network. Advised to upgrade bandwidth or change ISP.

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