Thursday, March 08, 2007

Product : OfficeStation

You must be aware of thin client system as per my review of this technology on my previous post :

Now, I would like to introduce the applicable product with the same platform technology as thin system. In Indonesia you could find OfficeStation, as introduce in their website : Delivered by Indoasia Teknologi, they promise to be optimize one komputer become 10 client. No need for additional CPU, CD Rom & harddisk. Just add a switch, you could easily reach 30 client system.

Picture : School in japan utilize the products (pict by Phillips).

How can this be implemented ?
Indoasia, introducing three of their superior products, can install the system without hassle. L100 & L200 system, could bring 10-30 client online together utilize only one server at the same time. Meanwhile, without additional switch, X300 could networked upto 7 client to run simultaneously.

Software requirement :
You only need Windows XP for client up to 10 thin system. Windows 2003 and Linux, could establish for about 30 client.

Hardware requirement :
Eventhough its name is requirement, but compared to one CPU package, the additional equipment/peripheral cost is very low. The more client you needed, just need you to install more memory and might be upgrading Processor. But it is far cheaoer than the whole CPU bought.

Plus Side :
Monitor , mouse & keyboard will be available as usual. The good part is you will get a USB port for your USB flash disk (so you won't need an additional harddisk capacity for your user). The good part is that your 'computer' could be connected to a speaker. This is an awesome feature. This product is vey suitable for labs, office, and school or training center. A multimedia center for sure.

The thin client itself is not a breakthrough. But the feature provided here will benefit your organization/company in the long run. No more needed for dedicated IT staff. You will need reduction cost in electricity bill. No more heat and noise from your CPU. And the best side, is that your system is fully secured, cause all data and all system is in one place, can will be monitored consistently. SOHO / small office home office, is the right company to implement this. But school and multimedia training centre will absolutely benefit from implementation of this system.

Product & site are recommended by Phillips.

If you want to know more about system tecnology, refer to :

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