Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Site : Offline Ms Windows Update

Now we are review another method of updating windows. Just go to this site :

Promise to give offline alternative to microsoft Windows Update mechanism, this site is supported by cachefly.

It deliver autoupdate option, after SP2. Meanwhile SP2, are already embeded on many Windows XP Installer. You just need to download one time and deliver the update to multiple computer. Simple and truly alternative to windows update.

With this solution, you could improve efficiency, hassle, many clicks, automatic restart, notification. It just better than your WSUS system. It worth to try.

Currently support Windows XP, Windows 2000, & Windows 2003.

How the system works.
Download full for the first time. Then download Monthly update. Every month.
Full download, also include many tweak, registry tweak, 3rd party, patches, add on,
Currently available is February 2007 full download. Approx. 303 MB size woth to download.

Thanks guys for your solution.
Note : This solution can be applied on corporate level too. Just insert on shared folder. Insert script on your user account profile/ use it on group policy. Then your system will be updated without question. Only need one time restart.

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