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ISP : Lintasarta

PT Aplikanusa Lintasarta, called by many as lintasarta, lintasartha, lintas artha, or lintas arta, is one of the well known network provider in Indonesia. Its even among the first data communication solution provider.

Established on 1988, to server Bank Indonesia and banking industries. Their portofolio services comes from ATM service and data communication in early 90's. Partnership internationally start since 1993 and acquire many technologies at that time, such as Frame Relay, VSAT, and Online system. In 1995, it start its new venture in Internet services (ISP). Continue to 1998, its Managed Service was launched, then it also known itself as Electronic Transaction Service Provider through its subsidiary, PT Artajasa. Technologies implemented in 2000 era are VSAT IP & VPN IP ADSL. In the last few years, it released new services called VPN Multiservices targeting corporates around Indonesia.

About their services

  • 1000 companies, local or MNC.
  • 10.000 links of networks in Indonesia
  • local offices in 57 cities
  • 900 experienced HR
  • ISO 9001:2000
  • Data communication & services
  • Office automation
  • mission critical environment
  • secured network
  • Their customer ranged from banking, finance, service provider, manufacturing, distribution, transportation, airlines, to information provider.
  • Market leader in data services for banking & financial industry.
  • Pioneer in Frame aRelay networking
  • 24/7/365 customer support service.
  • Network availability up to 99.99%
  • Multi network, multi backbone, & multi media access.
  • Nationwide & worldwide coverage (through EQUANT)
  • Services portofolio : Application, Value added services, value added network, VPN, clear channel & media.

What makes them different :

  • Complete services on Multi media /backbone : VSAT, Wireless, wireline
  • Focus on servicing corporate network through managed services, IP/MPLS, Frame Relay, & X-25 technology.
  • Numerous Value Added Service, mainly in voice, private network, & Internet service.
  • Worldwide coverage : 2.100 cities & 225 countries around the globe

PT Aplikanusa Lintasarta
Menara Thamrin 19th Fl.
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav 3.
Jakarta 10250
Ph. 2302345

Lintasarta article supported by : Ibu Rini / Pak Mulyadi from Lintasarta.
Lintasarta was recommended by : Sulistyo

In the end, as management, your company surely will choose provider that can provide services they need. Also mention that standard of service must suit corporate budget. I believe, target market for such a complete services of Lintasarta is on middle up to top company. Also, Multi national company is also their prefered customer. On low budget company, where internet services providers are many, and price war is so hot, Lintasarta might not be their choice.

In the market, Lintasarta is known as one company that could pull a cable directly to your office. AFAIK, it have license to do it, same like Telkom, no other company have wireline license. Also their price is a bit high for SME, eventhough their guaranteed services is well known. In the street, everyone knows that they are provider for many ATM (Automatic Teller machines) for many banking industries. Their other strength is in supporting many corporate that has branches offices around indonesia.

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