Friday, March 09, 2007

Product : Ms. Visio 2007

My friends asking me today for Visio product, is it still 2003 or if there is a newer one. And wonder about its price.

Based on my small research, I compare Indonesia price with world price :

Indonesia (source : Bhineka per 090307)
Ms Visio 2003 : $149
Ms Visio 2007 Standard OLP (Open License Pack) : $ 211
Ms Visio 2007 Professional OLP : $ 449

Worldwide (source : per 140307)
Ms Visio 2003 between S599 (standard) & $397 (Professional). Strange..
Ms Visio 2007 Standard : $ 223.99
Ms Visio 2007 Professional : $ 490.99

Visio was developed by Microsoft. Look at here to get clearer view.

The new feature of using Visio 2007

  • Auto connect diagram
  • Insert Text box
  • Remove Hidden Information
  • Sample diagram with integrated data
  • Theme feature
  • ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) template
  • more tools on Diagram and Data Integration Tools
  • many more..
Just go tho Microsoft Visio website and test for their demo if you wish.

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