Sunday, March 11, 2007

Review : Internet Products & Services

This review is mainly taken from Mega Bazaar Computer 2007 held in JCC (jakarta Convention Center), 7-11 March 2007. All data gather are from brochure and flyers.

As usual, here is the product & service promoted :

Telkom Speedy. give free activation & Rp 100.000,- modem price for this exhibition. Also giveaway discount & attractive packages.

CBN, as one of the biggest internet provider, promote some of their products, such as : CBN prepaid, CBN Cable Internet, CBN hotspot, CBN wiring, CBn Dial up, CBN @nywhere, & CBN ADSL.Their services is the most complete solution for households and small-medium enterprise.

Shiro, a provider of ADSL modem, promote together with Speedy, provide cheap ADSL modem. You could get their ADSL modem at Rp 375.000,- each.

Prolink, one of IT vendor also promote their ADSL modem here. They also bundle their product with Speedy.

U Net, from Sistelindo, provide Business Network Solution services, U dial -a dial up internet service, & U B-Band (high speed access using ADSL) to their customer.You could start their ADSl services using Limited Home package from Rp 370.000,- for your first payment and monthly only Rp 170.000,-.

Tecom, provide special price started from Rp 100.000,- bundle with Speedy, to provide ADSL Modem. The cheapest offer for ADSL modem in this bazaar.

SMC, also, an IT vendor, provide ADSl modem. Beside that, they also provide Webcam, Wireless VOIP, Wireless LAN, & Switches.

Indonet, a pioner in internet service also promote their services, such as : dial-up, mobile access, internet cable, ADSL, wireless link, hotspot zone, & data center & hosting.

Linksys, specialist in IT networking, provide numerous products. Their products ranged from, wireless internet video camera, router, access point, ADSL modem, and off course thier switchs.

Growell, comes up here, specialize in providing wirelss modem, from CDMA data card, CDMA external modem, CDMA PCMCIA card, &USB wireless modem. They promote their product colaborate with Indosat M2.

LinkPro, introduce their switch & fiber optic converter. Single mode & Multi mode. Their price is also at low bargain.

Indosat M2, bring 3G broadband, boasted that they could deliver up to 2,6 Mbps speed. The fastest in wireless broadband. They also bundled their product with data card modem (HSDPA).

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